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We innovate and manufacture top quality soft contact lenses using a broad range of materials and modalities, including customised toric lenses with precise optics.

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Contact Lenses in Singapore

If you’re a frequent user of contact lenses, you’d understand the struggle of finding a pair that is not only of a comfortable fit, but also does not dry out too quickly across the day. On top of that, when you do find a comfortable pair, it is often the case that you would be spending an explosive amount. We understand this - here at Clearlab, we are committed to providing the perfect pair for you, at an affordable rate.As a company, our main manufacturing sites were established first in South Korea in 1985, before expanding to Singapore in 1990. Currently, we source for talents globally, and collaborate with many marketing affiliates worldwide in order to produce the finest qualities of contact lenses, made available to you online.

Broad selection of contact lenses

At Clearlab, we are committed to bringing you the best quality contact lenses of a wide variety. You will find several types on our online shop, ranging from monthly to disposable colour contact lenses. Depending on the occasion, we are sure to have the right type for you to choose from.Our contact lenses are made of premium quality material: a variety of hydrogel and silicone hydrogel lenses that are able to maintain the moisture levels of the eyes and ensure comfort. In addition, Clearlab also provides high quality contact lens solutions to accompany your desired pair. Consider us an expert in defining your contact lens experience.

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Clearlab only provides the best for its customers. We work tirelessly, constantly researching and developing the best products that are best suited for multiple occasions. Together with our expert team and dedicated affiliates, we are able to ensure high quality products for a fraction of the price. If you are interested to shop our array of quality contact lenses, look no further than Clearlablens.