clear 58™

clear 58™

Monthly wear lens (6 lenses)
Total boxes sold - 13

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Price is for a combined box number purchased for both eyes

Clear 58TM

clear58TM has been designed to bring the benefit of Clearlab’s innovative True Edge® edge to wearers of the world’s most popular lens material – etafilcon.

Wearer benefits of the True Edge® edge include optimum movement, comfort and handling. The thin design of the clear58 also provides positive benefits in ocular health.

42% etafilcon A,58% water content
Base Curve
Diameter / Handling Tint
14.0{minus power),14.5{plus power)/Light Blue
UV Blocking
Power Range
-12.00 to +6.00
0.00 to -6.00 (0.25D steps)
-6.50 to -12.00 (0.50D steps)
+0.25 to +4.00 (0.25D steps)
+4.50 to +6.00 (0.50D steps)
Nominal Centre Thickness
0.096mm @ -3.00 D
Dk/t @ -3.00D
22.74 x 10 (cm/s)
(mlO2/ Hg)
Oxygen Permeability Dk @ 35C
21.83 x 10-11 (cm/s)
(mlO2/ Hg)
Standard Pack Size
6 lenses

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